Thursday, April 5, 2012

RIP Caballo Blanco

Just a note, not really a full post. I just spotted this news. I was shocked and wanted to react and give my respects.

Micah True past away last Saturday. Rest in peace Caballo. If you haven't read Born to Run, Caballo was a former boxer who befriended the Tarahumara running tribe in the Sierra Madre's, Mexico. They named him "Caballo Blanco" (white horse). Caballo was 58 years old. He headed out for a run in New Mexico and never returned. There is something so poetic about that. I didn't know him but I imagine that he would have had a preference to leave this World on the trail. Rescue teams found him after an extensive search and the exam yielded no initial results. I hope his passing was peaceful. Caballo organized a Copper Canyon ultra-marthon race in order to celebrate and support the Tarahumara. There is now speculation about the future of that race. I liked Caballo's character in the book. He was a man who whole indigenous people in the process of finding himself. His passion for them and his passion for running was inspiring. If he hadn't been who he was, Born to Run would not be motivating a new generation of runners. His modest influence has powerful ripples across the World. Not bad for a man who stripped himself down to the bare essentials in life. Here's the first article that I read about it on

Sorry I haven't posted for a while. Work has been a little crazy. I am reviewing a new running book and I hope to have things to say about running trails in Starved Rock, IL. I'm going there for 5 days and I'm excited.

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