Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Heard from Mizuno Mezamashii?

You can see my original post about Mizuno's a new consumer program that they have called Mezamashii here

I got an email from Mizuno telling me that there was a wear testing opportunity. This was a very welcome email because I expected nothing quite frankly. Yes, it's cynical but, that has been my experience with these things in the past. I signed up for it in mid June and this is the first communication I have had. Pretty quick turn-around I'd say. So many times these days, companies are quick to ask you to apply for something online but slow to give you any sort of communication in return. Some of you may remember that I applied to be a wear tester for New Balance and didn't even get a confirmation that my application made it through the Interwebs! This isn't cool. There is no excuse for a corporation of that size having poor communication practices. Mizuno seems to have their shit together for this program. It has been handled in a very professional way so far. Even if I get rejected, I'd love to see an email from them explaining why. Not everyone can be selected. People understand that and will accept it. It's far better than no communication.

As a part of the wear testing application, I had to sign a bunch of legal stuff, so I can not share some of the details but I'll give you a taste of it from the email (that I have censored). You can click the image and read portions of it.

What's interesting about this is that it's an application to wear test a specific shoe. I do like their brand but in the past, their shoes just haven't fit my foot that well. I'm curious to see what new minimal shoes they may have brewing. I'm not sure if there will be more shoes in future or if this is it for Mezamashii program. It's seems like there should be more to it by the way they set it up. Apparently on Aug 20th, Mizuno are going to let me know if they want me to wear test and send me a pair of shoes if they do. Unfortunately, there will be all sorts of restrictions on me blogging about it if I get chosen but, at some point, they may allow me to leak certain things if they are close to distribution. That would be a lot of fun to bring an exclusive like that. I have had pre-distribution shoes from Adidas but I have never been a part of a wear testing program. I know that some of my DailyMile friends got the same email. It has created quite a stir. Good luck to everyone who applied. Let's see what Mizuno has in the pipeline!

BTW. If any of you readers are crazy enough to be repeat readers, a DailyMiler and are open to the idea, please feel free to become a friend. Here's my profile. I love the support community they have there.

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