Monday, October 3, 2011

Leaked - my ass!

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As you would expect getting nearer to a launch, the New Balance Minimus shoes are being "leaked". Leaked my ass. It's interesting to see some new color schemes being shown. We won't know what colors there are until they are released but it's fun. I think the red and white MT00 looks hot. As for the MR00, I think I would need to see that green to make sure it's on the palatable side of puke color. As of right now, the red and green both look pretty hot to me. Check out the video review. New Balance shows the MT110 and the MT00. Why aren't the 110's as cool as the others? It's all personal taste I guess. I am starting to appreciate over-the-top running shoe design. Does that make me a bad person? I never used to be flashy like that. Now, I am more than happy to become a human billboard, pimping out the loudest shoes on the planet. The second 110 color scheme looked a little better to me. Regardless, that shoe has amazing reviews and I just want it on my little trotters right now. Try to ignore the ridiculous questioning by the interviewer. Check it out on here:

The MT110 makes a cameo appearance in a video of Anton Krupicka shot by "Running Times" correspondent Joel Wolpert. It's about how Anton gears up for winter in the mountains. It is beautiful and has a really good feel to it. It's well worth a watch. Some of that scenery makes me want to jump on a plane to Colorado and run with wild abandon. This stuff appeals to some base instinct in me. You can check it out on YouTube here:
The Runner in Winter. Joel Wolpert, Running Times.

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