Saturday, October 22, 2011

Slip into a pair of Joggings?

There are a couple of trends happening right now that I'm amazed have not merged somehow. They seem compatible to me. It can't be just me. I'm pretty convinced that after I post this, someone will show me that it already happened. Unique concepts are few and far between these days. The two trends I speak of are running compression tights and jeggins. They are both absolutely frickin' ridiculous in their own way. Why not embrace that and take it to it's extreme? Here's my rationale:

Running is becoming fashion aggressive
Sports clothes have always been a little more loud and colorful than the average street clothes but you can't deny that running gear these days is taking things to the next level. I am a man who doesn't wear particularly loud clothing but my running clothing has become progressively more funky. My New Balance MT10's are pretty out there (in a good way) and my Pearl Izumi running vest looks a little too influenced by science fiction. Just look at the Saucony Hattori's for crying out loud. Can you get more in your face than those things?

Jenn Shelton sporting funky sleeves.

The arm sleeve craze is getting particularly interesting. Here's Jenn Shelton (of Born to Run fame) wearing some cool Moeben sleeves. These sleeves were useful for ultra runners but are now becoming mainstream because of fashion. Don't get me wrong, I am all for this loud expression of running pride. I think it adds fun and personality to the sport.

Wicked Skins semi-glove sleeve
Wicked Skins

Compression gear is becoming mainstream
I don't have to research this stuff in-depth to know that there are probably benefits associated with compression clothing. Elite runners like to look cool and the majority of compression gear looks a little silly. If it didn't provide tangible benefits, I doubt these hardened athletes would continue to humiliate themselves en masse. I am going to come clean at this point and admit that I want to try them too. I have always felt really great running in winter tights and I am more than willing to look foolish in order to gain running benefits. 

I don't know about this look.
Compression stockings have been used to treat people with circulation issues or blood clots forever. Clearly there are circulatory benefits. I know there has been some basic running research done too and I hear that evidence points to performance improvements. It's possible that reduction of muscle oscillation (that's a technical term for jiggling) and improved blood circulation back to the heart may help to delay muscle fatigue and help you to go further by using less energy, etc. If you want to geek-out on it, check out this Runners World article as a starting point.
If you want to read some honest thoughts about the value of compression tights to someone who has tried them, take a look at Scott Dunlap's A Trail Runner's Blog.
Based on all of this, I can't see running compression clothing going away any time soon.

You can not have missed this trend. Female celebs have been all over the magazines with them. I thought they were dead but no, they seem to be hanging on. I would like to meet the person who came up with this idea. What a twisted mind. They are leggings that look like jeans. Classy stuff as you can see from our good friend Conan modeling them on his show.

So, let's take the aggressive fashion trends in running, add the compression tight trend and add Jeggings. What do we have? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you JOGGINGS! Why not? Wouldn't it be fun to run in jeans? Some fashion designers have been trying to get men into Jeggings. That's a big fat fail but if those were Joggings, they'd have a fighting chance.
Fashion show introduces man Jeggings

I think it's a winner. Funky looking pants that make you look bad ass (or slightly insane depending on your viewpoint) and provide the health and performance benefits of compression? Come one! Ultra runners love to stand out. Once there are a couple of elite's running well known races in these things, everyone is going to be wearing them. I guess you could go beyond jeans. Fur, scales, tattoos and other patterns could be fun too. Why limit the options? The spirit of Joggings is self expression. Let the imagination run free! 

Just to be clear, if someone decides to do this. I expect a cut of the profits.


  1. They are getting more and more like wetsuits - like the outfits the speed skaters wear. As for jeggings I thought only women wore them?

  2. Jeggings are for women. Joggings are for all :)


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