Monday, September 26, 2011

Not exactly a technical shirt!

I know a man named Victor Krol. He is one of the investors in the school my kids go to. He is a super nice guy. Back in the day, he was a serious runner before someone decided to shoot him while he was training. He was unable to compete after that. There was a short piece on him in Chicago Athlete Magazine. The photo they used was hilarious. I believe he is wearing a DePaul shirt. The rips are a nice touch and I like how it shows the belly - a fashion statement that hasn't really returned yet. He is running the Boston Marathon back when it was still regarded as insane to do things like that. The reason I thought of Victor was because he opened the first New Balance store in Chicago. I need to ask him if he still has any contacts at New Balance who can get me into their wear test program. Worth a try!


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  2. Not sure why I accidentally deleted kali1jkd but I see Victor often. He is a fascinating gentleman.


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