Friday, September 23, 2011

New Balance Sponsorship Ideas

Jason Robillard (of Barefoot Running University) had an article about sponsorship. He made me realize that the day may come when I need to justify my request for sponsorship to New Balance with more than a hope and a dream. So, in order to ready myself for that day, as ideas come in posts or in other ways, I am going to update this post.

Idea #1 – Finding New Balance in New Zealand
An unremarkable man runs in remarkable places wearing New Balance shoes (of course). It would basically be a multi-episode experience in New Zealand that talks about the semi-religious experience of running. It would be beautifully and artistically shot. It would be truly emotional and uplifting. There would be jaw dropping runs that are run by me. A regular person. Moments like that should not be for elites. They should be accessible to everyone. How better to emphasize the "Love" component of "The New Balance?" Think Runners World Rave Runs with more beauty, more context, more heart, more inspiration and more personal relevance for the viewer. We could even do a partnership with the New Zealand Tourism Board. They have a lot of passion selling their country.

Idea #2 – Tilting the balance to love
I will never win a race but I will run with heart as much as I can. In an effort to find my inner runner, I go on a quest to meet the World's most spirit filled elite runners. Instead of coaching me technique and form, they talk to me about how much they love to run and how they are fulfilled by the experience. The motivation that comes from these insights is great for me but great for the viewer. Again, it's insight and inspiration that all runners can benefit from. This would be shot in a more documentary style although there could be some more artistically shot sequences. It would be a shame to talk to an elite and not see them in action, especially if it is a place that is close to their heart and amplifies their running experience. Maybe they'd let me run along.

Idea #3 – Coming soon. I feel one brewing for Minimus.

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