Saturday, September 24, 2011

My shit hot running career

So, there is a lot about about my running that is thoroughly unremarkable. I have shown some small capacity for running and that has been punctuated with injury. I have failed to run 2 half marathons to date. The first was right at the beginning when I had a whole lot of achilles issues. I transitioned over 4 months to minimal shoes. I was then injury free for a good 8 months until I overtrained and got 2 stress fractures in my metatarsals. That's the stuff of legends folks!

Having said that, here's what is interesting about my failed running career to date:
  • I lost 40lbs. It's probably more than that in fat if you consider the muscle I have gained in my legs. I had to buy some new clothes.
  • I'm off asthma medication. I have been off for about 4 months and this is the first time in my adult life.
  • I have collected $526 for charity so far. That doesn't include charitable donations made by signing up for races that I didn't run. I feel good about collecting money for other asthmatics.
  • I'm the fittest I have ever been. I couldn't do a lot of heavy cardio when I was a kid because of the asthma issues.
  • I am mostly vegan. The choice to do this was driven by family member needs but I have found it to be really compatible with running. In fact, the more I run, the more I want to eat this way.
That is a lot of change in one year my friends. A lot to be proud of too.
And just think. I haven't run a proper race yet!

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