Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Uncle Rico-ish

I had a moment this morning that reminded me of how I started running which was almost a bit uncle Rico-ish. Since I have been wearing this boot for my stress fractures, I occasionally have fantasies when I am walking (more like hobbling) the dog. I see myself hauling ass down the street. I can feel the heart rate getting up there and the flood of endorphins washing away life's malaise. I know that sounds like a crock of crap but it's the same feeling that got me running as an adult. When I was a kid, I was fast. I think that I could have been a good sprinter. Unfortunately, asthma got in the way of all physical sports. I tried to run a few times but it was tough. The best I did was to complete an adventure race about 10 years ago but I walked a fine like with ODing on asthma meds and had some real issues breathing. One day, just over a year ago I had this desire to sprint. It felt real. It was like a worm-hole back to another time. The feeling was so strong that I ended up changing into workout gear that night and I ran for the first time in the freezing cold. I am not going to lie, those early runs were rough and I felt like a complete fool but I stuck with it and something miraculous happened. A combination of things (weight loss, diet and physical conditioning) tripped a switch and before I knew it, I could run with clear lungs. I am sure I don't have the lung capacity of most people but it's enough for me to explore running. Man, if only I could have made that breakthrough in my youth, I could have been a star :) Kidding - enjoy the clip.

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