Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Nike Free Run that doesn't bend

My friend and colleague Paul pointed out to me the irony of what I am doing right now. I have a pair of Nike Free Runs. The reason I got them was for their lack of support and flexibility. Perfect as a transition to zero drop. In the mail today, I finally got my carbon fiber insole. I am meant to put it in my shoe under my regular insole. It stops the shoe from bending and thus protects the metatarsals from stress while they heal. So, the irony of it all! I am wearing a shoe that most people buy for flexibility and I have stuffed an inflexible object in it to prevent it from doing what it was invented to do. Funny - eh? OK, maybe you had to be there. Regardless, I am very excited about the prospect of pulling this hard insole out after 3 weeks and starting to walk then run. 

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